Oracle Acts is a tailor-made multi-sensorial experience designed to answer your deepest questions in style.

Perfect for parties and happenings- from intimate gatherings to corporate blowouts- the Oracles can come in many forms to heighten your event.


Digital Secretaries.JPG

Digital Secretaries: Oracles from the 1960s

The Elsies.JPG

The Elsies: Oracles from the 1920s


Starbellas: Oracles from the Future

Digital Secretaries was the perfect dessert for my party! A beautiful combination of delicious art and wit with just a dash of sexy. My guests loved the Digital Secretaries’ recipe of fun. A million compliments on serving guests with a delightful surprise, a performance tailored for each person. Far from the standard party fare for entertainment.


Guests ask the Oracles a question and we answer through specialized movement and written response. The guests are immediately imprinted by the dance and keep the written response as a keepsake of their experience.

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